Sublease Agreement Hong Kong

Thanks for the response – I think the level of understanding is pretty much what I would have hoped for from HK Expats. Since you seemed to have misunderstood, let me repeat – I don`t blame the owner. The owner was not involved. I make myself responsible for being naïve and someone I thought was a friend who took my money. It is not a crime to sublet. That is why the hundreds of thousands of people who do so are not in prison. But HK law has no protection for sub-letters (unsurprisingly). I didn`t get my consent, I fulfilled my agreement with my roommate when I told her I was moving, that she was fine, I even found a spare roommate for her and we left on good terms. She didn`t give me a reason not to give me my money back. Turns out she tried to do it with five other people. I understand that it was naïve of me to sublet a room. But please understand, not everyone has the luxury of an alternative. I didn`t try to save money.

Saving money is not physically possible for me here. I can`t afford to rent an apartment myself, and if I rented an apartment and sublet one of the rooms, it`s still the same problem. You may think I`m naïve, but please don`t scold me. I am not a child, and you are not my parent. Your sublet rental agreement should include a clause stating that tenants are responsible for damage to the property. This is extremely important in common offices, as it will protect your business – after all, you don`t want to pay to clean up or repair another person`s mess! This will also help to reassure your landlord, as your tenants will be on the hook for damage and will therefore probably be more careful and respectful of your offices. Scott, do you have any updates? I received several calls from new owners to evacuate the apartment for self-occupancy. Every week, a call to the same memory. Unilaterally gave me up to mid-sep. I don`t want to go.

I didn`t find anything suitable. Consulted with the rental land assessment advisor at 21508229, they told me to wait for the court order, landlords who refuse to accept rent are used for filing court orders. which is very common in Hong Kong, as there are more than 50% of the owners. Under the two-year lease, each party can terminate one month to terminate the contract. Everyone with a similar experience and managed to stay at least a few more months until the right apartment is available… btw, I`m on my second year of term lease in March 2011. You should deposit and comply with a deposit for the period of your underpayment. Your agreement should tear up 5 fundamental points: Echo of the tips mentioned above, I would take it to small claims – the rules of evidence are relaxed in small claims (also says so on their website).

None of you will have a lawyer, so there won`t be many legal BSs (I`ve been to the U.S. twice in court for small applications, and if it`s something like that here, it`ll be pretty user-friendly). You will probably take into account the written agreement that you paid him some money and that you were not reimbursed. Of course, then you have to force the verdict against them for collection, which can be a problem.

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